Girl Scout Packages

Manners Program:

Girls will learn so many good manners at this fun event! We will teach them how to properly shake hands and introduce themselves, how to help each other find the perfect dress to wear to a tea party, table manners and practice writing a thank you note!

Menu:  Princess Tea, marshmallows, brownies & cookies

1 hour and 15 minute party

Japanese Tea Program:

Girls will put on a fun kimono and sit down to try some of our special "fish & rice" while practicing using chopsticks! My Secret Garden's special green tea will be fun for them to sip on while learning about the Japanese culture and traditional tea ceremony. The traditional bow will be taught at the end of the tea party.

Menu: special green tea, special "fish & rice" & cookies 

1 hour party

Let's Pretend Program:

Girls will definitely need to bring their imagination to this party! We will start out  by doing a fun game of charades to let them all get their imaginations going! Next, the girls will draw a card from the pot to find out who or what they will be dressing up like, using all of our dress-up clothes & accessories, then acting out in front of the troop for the other girls to guess what they are dressed up like! They will go to the tea party dressed as anyone they choose to be and use a pretend name to be that person!

Menu: Princess Tea, marshmallows, brownies & cookies

1 hour and 30 minute party

All programs are $16 per guest plus 18% gratuity