Glamour Girls

This party is the perfect choice for those girls that love glitz & glamour!

The girls will start with getting the perfect nail color with

sparkle top coat & glamour make-up application. 

Then off to spend time in the dress-up rooms to try on as many

different dresses, shoes and accessories as they like! 

We will gather the girls for a group photo & individual pictures for parents

to take before heading into the Hope Tea Room!

Party is 1 hour and 30 minutes long. 

We will ask the Birthday Girl to arrive early for her glamour make-up & nails!

Package includes:

* Glamour Make-up Application

(Eye shadow, blush, glitter, nail polish & lip gloss)

* 45 minutes of Dress-up & Play Time in the Dress-up rooms

* 45 minutes of  Tea Time & Present Opening in the Hope Tea Room

Menu includes:

(Tea and Treats will be served on our fine China plates, tea cups and saucers)

Princess Tea


snack mix

chocolate striped cookies

elegant sprinkle cupcakes

$34 per Guest plus 18% gratuity

Add-on options:

fresh fruit cups:  $3/ guest

pb & j flower shaped sandwich tarts:  $2.50/ guest

turkey & cheese croissants:  $3/ guest

fresh flowers:  $2/ guest

goody gifts:  $6.50/ guest

cup of tea & scone for Birthday Mama:   $5/ guest

adult refreshment tray:  $23 (fresh fruit, brownie bites, scones, hot tea)

2 tier Glamour cake:   $65

Weekday Parties require a 6 guest minimum.

Weekend Parties require an 8 guest minimum.

Maximum number of guests is 18.

We limit the number of adults to 5 per party.

Parties with 10 or more guests will require additional staff and an additional $20 fee.