Little Bridal Tea

Every little girl dreams of her big wedding day! 

This is the perfect party to help her imagine what it feels like to be the bride for a day!

The bride and each bridal party guest will be pampered with

make-up application, choose from our wide assortment of

beautiful wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses, then pick out the final touch accessories-

pearl necklaces, bracelets and the perfect ring- all to make her look complete!

The girls will have their own bouquet of flowers to carry

and take home with them as a keepsake.

After the girls are ready for the big day, the wedding music will serenade them as they will each take a turn walking down the white runner into the tea room!

We ask the birthday "bride" to come early to have her make-up applied as well 

as a special hair up-do exclusively for her!

Wedding Party Menu:

2 tier wedding cake

sparkling cider

cinnamon rolls

cheese cubes



After the tea party, the bride and her guests will enjoy some fun dancing,

the traditional bouquet toss and gift opening time.

The "bride" will take home a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers

along with her wedding cake.

$45 per guest plus 18% gratuity

Weekday Parties require a 6 guest minimum.

Weekend Parties require an 8 guest minimum.

Maximum number of guests is 16.

Parties with 12 or more guests will require additional staff and an additional $20 fee.