Sweet Princess Tea

This party is designed for every little Princess at heart!

Girls will delight in the Dress-up Rooms full of everything needed

to be their favorite Disney Princess or fancy little lady!

Rooms full of gowns.... shelves full of shoes....baskets full of wands,

tiaras, jewels, purses and more! 

Party is 1 hour and 30 minutes long.

Package includes:

45 minutes of dress-up and Princess play time in the Dress-up Rooms

45 minutes of tea time and gift opening in the Hope Tea Room

Tea Time Menu:

(Tea and Treats will be served on our fine China plates, tea cups and saucers)

Princess Tea

mini marshmallows

light snack mix

fudge striped cookies

 elegant sprinkle cupcakes

$30 per Princess plus 18% gratuity

Add-on options:

fresh fruit cups:  $3/ guest

pb & j flower shaped sandwich tarts:  $2.50/ guest

turkey & cheese croissants:  $3/ guest

fresh flower:  $2/ guest

goody gift:  $6.50/ guest

cup of tea & scone for Birthday Mama: $5/ guest

adult refreshment tray: $23 (fresh fruit, brownie bites, scones, tea)

2 tier Princess cake:  $65

Weekday Parties require a 6 guest minimum.

Weekend Parties require an 8 guest minimum.

Maximum number of guests is 18.

We limit the number of adults to 5 per party.

Parties with 10 or more guests will require additional staff and an additional $20 fee.